PTO Board

NFP Parent Cooperative Board

The NFP Parent Board is made up of parents chosen by members of the NFP Parent Cooperative. The initial committee will be selected by majority vote of dues paying members. In the future, we will have an official nominating committee that selects the board. Their role is to foster partnership between parents and teachers and assist with the day-to-day operations of our program such as: organizing volunteers, organizing and assiting with the pruchasing of supplies, work on fund raising, approve funding and reimbursements for events, and to help plan events such as our Friday events (field trips, workshops), parent socials, welcome picnic, etc. If you would like to discuss the finances, events planned by the parent board, you can contact any of the below members. In addition, the liaison committee works to strengthen relationships and communication between parents, the teachers, and the Northshore school district.

Julia Wales


I’m Julia Wales mom of two kids, James is a 1stgrader at NFP and Nathan is 4 and will be excited to start kindergarten at NFP when his time comes. Before I had kids, I taught psychology at Bellevue College and spent most of my spare time rock climbing or practicing Argentine tango or blues dancing with my husband. My family loves to spend time outside whether it’s hiking, camping, rock climbing, or just a day at the park. A few years ago, as my oldest was approaching school age, I knew that a traditional school setting wouldn’t be a good fit for him or our family. I didn’t want to give up spending so much time together as a family or spending time outside or on adventures. And from there, I started researching alternative philosophies and alternative options locally. Gradually, I realized that homeschooling would work best for us and that a Parent Partnership Program would support our efforts and help us create a community of like-minded families. When I realized most neighboring school districts had a Parent Partnership Program and Northshore School District did not, I decided to try to work with the district to create one. And I’m so proud of the work we did and happy to have my kids enrolled in this program!

Vice President

(Currently Vacant)

Andre Howard


My primary background is over 28 years in computer technology and security fields, my current role is as a manager within the Digital Security and Risk Engineering organization at Microsoft. I’m also a Trustee of a UK charity for Acquired Brain Injury where my duties have been to maintain the charity website and be a supporting member to the board.
For the past 6 years, as part of giving back to the community, I’m a volunteer tax preparer for United Way which requires yearly training and certification thru the IRS VITA/TCE program. The tax preparation work enables me to have an eye for detail and numbers, in that I must ensure quality, focus, accuracy, understanding of tax law and rules and upholding ethics of the program, as the results of the tax preparation can have an impact on the taxpayer.


(Currently Vacant)

Jenne Alderks

Director of Events

I’m Jenne Alderks, parent of three NFP students, Willem (5th grade), Belle (4th grade) and Elizabeth (1st grade), living in Bothell's Westhill neighborhood. I am a local birth doula supporting childbearing families and we have been a homeschooling family for six years. We have previous experience with independent homeschooling and attending Edmonds Heights K-12 and a Classical Conversations community in Kenmore. Before becoming a parent, I was a preschool teacher, community educator. In graduate school, I studied Early Childhood Education and Family Studies where I earned a masters of education degree from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. During that program, I fell in love with project based learning and the idea to homeschool my children was born. I was so excited to find out that our home district of Northshore was developing a parent partnership program that I jumped right into the planning committee to make it happen. I’m excited to serve as a parent liaison for the coming year and assist parents and teachers in creating a truly collaborative partnership.

Communications Director

(Currently Vacant)

Heather Dean


NFP PTO Governing Documents & Financial Information

Below are documents pertaining to the governance of the NFP PTO

  • NFP PTO Bylaws
  • NFP Parent Job Descriptions
  • NFP 2019-2020 Budget
  • NFP Financial Poicies
  • NFP Reimbursement Form: Use this form to request a reimbursement for budgeted items you have purchased. A receipt will be required to verify the expense. To fill out electronically, please go to File -> Make Copy and save a version on your own google drive. Completed forms can be given to the treasurer.
  • NFP Requisition Form: Use the requisition form to have an expense approved in advance. This is especially important if the expense is not a budgeted item. To fill out electronically, please go to File -> Make Copy and save a version on your own google drive. Completed forms can be given to the treasurer.

PTO Board & General Meeting Minutes

NFP PTO members are welcome as silent observers during any PTO Board meeting. Board meetings will be on the NFP calendar, and in addition minutes will be posted here.