WSLP Reporting

Looking how to update your progress report? Check the WINGS page for information specific to WINGS.

WSLP Requirement and Compliance

From the NSD Website:

Written Student Learning Plans (WSLP) are required for all students attending the Northshore Family Partnership (NFP). The WSLP provides accountability for student learning at school and at home when a student is enrolled in an Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) like the Northshore Family Partnership, as defined by state law in WAC 392-121-182. Requirements include:

  1. Weekly contact with a student and certificated teacher, which is met through attendance in an NFP course.
  2. Monthly meeting with parent and WSLP advisor to create monthly WSLP progress report.

Written Student Learning Plans will be developed in partnership with the parent(s) and WSLP advisor in an initial WSLP meeting before classes start following the guidelines that are set forth in WAC 392-121-182. The plan will include a description of the specific learning goals and outcomes and be tied to district goals and outcomes for student academic success. It will also include the planned curriculum, texts, materials, methods of evaluation, and persons involved in the instruction.

The WAC requires WSLP progress reports to be completed and a student work sample to be submitted each calendar month. At NFP, WSLP monthly progress reports will be completed during a monthly meeting of the parent and WSLP advisor. If parents cannot attend their regular meeting time, they are responsible for rescheduling or completing the WSLP monthly progress report and submitting that along with a work sample to the WSLP advisor.

Your child’s WSLP includes:

  • Descriptions of coursework, materials, and curriculum in each subject area
  • Work Samples
  • Learning goals and objectives tied to state standards
  • Timelines & evaluation methods.

WSLP Compliance:

  • WSLPs must align with district and state standards and must be completed, approved, and signed by the parent and WSLP advisor prior to class attendance.
  • Parents must participate in monthly progress reviews with WSLP advisor where they will create a monthly WSLP progress report.
  • Parents need to report progress of their child’s learning and assessment.
  • Students must regularly attend all classes in which they are enrolled.
  • Parents must submit samples of their student’s work during monthly WSLP progress report meetings.

If a student is not making satisfactory progress toward learning goals established in the WSLP, or a parent/guardian is not providing evidence of satisfactory progress toward those goals, an Intervention Plan must be completed after two months of unsatisfactory progress on the WSLP. Failure to demonstrate satisfactory progress after implementation of an Intervention Plan may result in discontinuation of enrollment in Northshore Family Partnership.

Reporting Progress

Parents are required to report student progress and submit artifacts that document learning by the 25th of each month. ​According to our foundational principles​ ​Each month, parents are responsible to submit monthly progress reports and work samples to their WSLP advisor. ”

Moving forward teachers will no longer be sending reminders to families after the due date to complete reports or send artifacts. Progress reports will be marked unsatisfactory on independent classes for that month if these documents are missing, because advisors are unable to evaluate progress. Thank you for partnering with us on this.

Teacher reports for the previous month will be completed by the 5th school day of each month. Please check your student’s progress and contact the teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

It is important to recognize is that the progress report is a tool of communication. A request to contact teacher is meant as a way to work together to find strategies to help a child to be successful. It does not mean that the child is failing and unable to make adequate progress. We just want to work to improve the learning every day.

Learning Artifacts

We have learned that advisors are required to see artifacts from the more important projects that kiddos are working on in the non-NFP learning time to demonstrate student learning to your advisor. You can show us by:

    • Bringing it in
    • Emailing a picture
    • Make an appointment w/advisor
    • Text advisor

Sample Progress Report Comments

Language Arts:

  • Spelling Workout Level F: Lessons 14, 15,
  • Wordly Wise 3000 Book 4: Lesson 3-
  • Figuratively Speaking: Idiom, Symbol, Hyperbole Writing: Excellence in Writing at weekly co-op writing key word outline.
  • Four sentence copywork


  • Audiobooks: Shakespeare for Children, Great Inventors, Reading on Hawaii via class assignment and YouTube videos.


  • Beast Academy 2A, completed place value and grouping. Began working on adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers. Practiced skip counting and multiplication. Received 100% on Beast Academy worksheets, including multiplication with parental scaffolding. Practicing fractions, doubling and halving of numbers in weekly baking class.