NFP Parents

This page is geared towards families currently enrolled in the Northshore Family Partnership. If you are interested in joining our program, or for more information on how our program works, please visit our page on the Northshore School District's webpage. You may also find our NFP Facebook Page helpful.

Currently enrolled families are also encouraged to join our Facebook group.

Quick Links

  • Link to school supply donation: Please use this link to donate funds to NFP to support the program. To date $4500 ($900 per teacher!) has been brought in and made available to teachers.
  • Hot Lunch Order Form: If your student is planning to order a hot lunch from the cafeteria, please fill out the Hot Lunch order form as early as possible so the staff can properly estimate the amount of food to be cooked.
  • The ​Respect Report​ is a form that can be used at school, as well as at home, to help students voice issues in the moment, and have them addressed. Respect Reports can be turned in to the office, or to any of our teachers. We’ll make sure that it gets to the right place.
  • Feeling poorly? Call the Bear Creek Elementary Attendence line at 425-408-4110 to report your student's absence.
  • Generic NFP schedule
  • Link to WINGS (scheule & reporting system)

Announcement: 2018-2019 Yearbooks

A limited number of yearbooks from last year (2018-2019) are still available to purchase. You can order yours via this Give Lively link while there are still some to be had.

Announcement: New Sign-in/Sign-Out Policy

Students no longer need to sign in for regularly scheduled classes. They just come to their classrooms.

Students WILL need to sign in or out if they are late, or leaving early.

Parent volunteers will need to sign in at the office. This is a safety issue, so please make sure you sign in.

Email from Principal Gary Keeler re: BCE PTA

Dear PTO Families,

Over the next few months our PTO will be processing information to determine whether or not to change from a PTO to a PTA. As a principal who has served schools with both models, I have the unique viewpoint in that I have seen that both approaches/models work well. The need is to find the parent governance model that best matches our NFP community’s shared beliefs.

Our current situation, background information:

  • We currently have two schools on campus: Bear Creek Elementary (neighborhood families and the EAP program families). and Northshore Family Partnership (soon to be K-8 and likely K-12).
  • Bear Creek has a PTA and NFP has a PTO
  • We were under the belief that NFP could take over the BCE PTA when/if neighborhood families leave. This was a mistaken belief. One school cannot take over the PTA of another school.
  • According to Bear Creek Elementary PTA articles of incorporation and 1023, BCE PTA will need to shut down if there are no Bear Creek Elementary students on campus.
  • Bear Creek Elementary School PTA is permanently tied to this campus. NFP PTO is not tied to this location/campus.

What are the potential next steps in determining an NFP governance model? There are two options for NFP families to consider moving forward:

    1. Remain a PTO
    2. Change our PTO to a PTA (common and relatively easy).

If NFP members want a PTA, it’s cleaner to just affiliate our non-profit organization with WSPTA (change PTO to PTA). This would be a new PTA for the NFP school. The current PTO plan is to share information during a Q&A session at the December PTO general membership meeting. Questions, concerns and additional information would be investigated and shared with PTO families over the next few months. Following this inquiry phase, a final decision would be made at the Spring PTO general membership meeting. It is our hope that most of our NFP parents are able to attend the December conversation. During this time, PTO will share information and options for establishing the critical partnership between school and home. Your participation in this process is important. Thank you for your support and I hope to see you at the December PTO general membership meeting.



Reminder: Family Lounge

This family room is meant to be used by all families as a place of repose, collaboration, and time for children and toddlers to engage in quiet play. It is a place to be enjoyed by our entire community. While we have a volunteer who checks on the lounge at the end of each week, it is not her job to pick up after messes left by families using the sapce. That responsibility lies with those who use the family lounge. The expectation is that it is cleaned up completely after each use. Please clean up when you’re done!

In addition, please remember that there are other classes going on around the family lounge, and monitor noise levels accordingly.