Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

The advisory committee is made up of parents chosen by the district as well as district employees. It is a two year commitment made up of returning and new members every year. Their role is to work on program development and planning the future of the program. They will be working on things like program expansion and growth, revising the Parent Handbook, planning an open house, etc. If you would like to discuss future plans about the program you can contact any of the below members.

Zein Kharat

Hello! I’m Zein (pronounced Zane) and will begin my first year on the Parent Advisory Committee during the 2019-2020 school year. I began homeschooling ten years ago and am down to homeschooling my youngest child Aisha (5th grade) this year. My oldest is in his first year at Washington State University, and I have two daughters at Woodinville High School (a senior and a freshman). I’ve used a mostly classical approach to homeschooling with a little bit of co-ops and other things to round it out. My children were homeschooled through elementary and so far 3 out of 4 have gone to Northshore School District’s middle school and high school. I’m excited to help NFP expand and accommodate homeschooling families in the community.

Nazihah Malik

Stacy Tucker

I'm Stacy Tucker, parent of Max, in 3rd grade at NFP, and Evie, a first grader at Woodinville Montessori. We live in Woodinville and are so excited for the NFP program! Both of my kids had been at Woodinville Montessori for several years prior to NFP opening, as it was quickly clear that traditional public school would not be a good fit for us. For the past two years we'd been looking for another option, but unable to find something that would work for us. We loved many things about Montessori - the multi-age classes, the child-led philosophy, the project based learning -- but wanted more flexibility in my children's educational experience. My family has two sisters-in-law who each homeschool, but we initially believed that would not be an option for us because both parents work full time. I'm an attorney and my husband James works at Boeing. It was actually during a litigation that I first learned of parent partnership programs and thought they sounded phenomenal, but we did not have one in our district at the time and again, most were not drop-off. NFP opened for us at the perfect time and we could not be more happy about it or excited about it, and are so grateful that the district has provided an option that enables working parents to take advantage of such an amazing program. While we had declined to enroll our children in a public school program until now, I have considerable experience working with the district through the IEP process, which we accessed as non-public-school enrollees and now as an NFP family. We can also speak to the pros and cons of the PACE program and the EAP program vs NFP, as we researched all of them extensively and determined that for us, NFP and homeschooling were the best fit. I feel lucky to have a program that provides amazing child-led, multi-age, project based classes and the flexibility to better direct and shape my children's education.
I am so excited to spend the next two years as a parent representative on the advisory board committee working to make NFP the best program our children can have! I have met many of you already through my volunteer role as field trip coordinator, and look forward to getting to many more of you in this role as well.

Isaac Reuben

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